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Am I making you hungry???

I couldn’t resist posting another creme brulee picture. This time its wattleseed creme brulee (while I’m on a wattleseed frenzy): Still trying to perfect the texture…I have a couple of ideas so hopefully more to come on this. Advertisements

Polenta and herb crusted tofu…

This meal was based on a recipe from Delicious magazine (I think August, 2007 ), in which fish was crusted with a mix of uncooked polenta and herbs. I simply made up a mix of polenta, sage, rosemary and thyme with some cracked pepper, in one bowl and a corn flour and warm water mix … Continue reading

Lavender and vanilla bean creme brulee

No recipe yet as I’m still trying to perfect the texture, taste and the cooking method , but isn’t it pretty?

Hot garlic eggplant

Three of my favourite things – chilli, garlic and eggplant-y goodness. A local vegetarian restaurant here in Canberra has this dish called ‘eggplant and mushroom in clay pot’ that my very omnivorous friend probably has steamy dreams about (if the noises he makes as he eats is anything to go by). The soft eggplant and … Continue reading

Paperbark smoked root vegetable parcel

I recently developed an interest in Australian food. Not the lamington, ANZAC cookie, TimTam, vegemite on everything kind of fare (although soooo very good in their own right). Rather, utilising native Australian herbs, spices and methods in cooking more interesting dishes. Truth be told, my research led me to mostly fish and meat based recipes … Continue reading

I am the woeful food blogger

My life is pretty crappy right now making me an incredibly woeful food blogger. My laptop is still broken (meaning I’m left with a crappy Dell work computer that has adminstrative privileges preventing me doing pretty much everything!). What’s worse is that my camera got stolen out of my dorm room while I took my … Continue reading

DIY shallot cakes – attempt 1

My poor unfortunate Toshiba satellite M60 had a fit and died two weeks ago, taking all of my work files and pictures with it! But thanks to the awesome IT team at work I was able to salvage my data. That said, it doesn’t look good for little bluey (my laptop) and I’ve been on … Continue reading

Tofu Converts

Slowly, my meat-eating friends are starting to integrate vegan foods into their lives. It helps that I force feed them vegan baked goods whenever I get the chance. One restaurant that has made it particularly easy to get my friends to eat tofu is ‘Dumpling Inn’ at Jamison shops. Since one fateful night late last … Continue reading

Zucchini Puffs – attempt 1

My work place has quite a few catered functions, with the food usually supplied by the only cafe in the building. At such occasions, the only vegan fare is some of the alcohol and other beverages which is mostly fine by me. That said, sometimes a vegan can get hungry and it is really bad … Continue reading

Fresh Baked Bread

The smell of homemade freshly baked bread has got to be right up there as one of the best smells ever. It totally makes the time consuming side of baking well worth the effort. Late last year I bought this book. Before it I had attempted a ‘La Dolce Vegan’ bread recipe once and got … Continue reading