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Cherry and nectarine tartlettes

Ok, well, it is technically the early end of the nectarine season but I’m such lover of all things summer that I start as early as possible. It may have its origins in my obsession with the movie Grease at the age of 3 where I’d frequently be dancing around to Summer lovin’. Or it … Continue reading

Coconut and kaffir lime leaf panna cotta tart

My friend is a panna cotta queen. I think it got to the point where she was going through uber pricey vanilla paste insanely quickly because of the multitude of requests she would get from people to make vanilla bean panna cotta. Of course, the classic recipes for this dessert are not vegan. Not even … Continue reading

Focaccia is like crack to some people…apparently

Those people appear to be certain family members who shall remain nameless (that is, until the end of this post). We had a family gathering on Sunday which seemed a perfect time to make this glorious Olive, garlic and rosemary focaccia: Precooked: Fresh out of the oven: It always surprises me how fast my tiny … Continue reading

Well…its been a little while

Hi there, I can’t believe how long its been! So many months since my last post, years actually…but here we are. After a few months of thinking about it, I’ve decided to come back to the land of blogging and start up this poor  partially defunct blog again. It’ll be a little different – not … Continue reading

Wattleseed and blueberry friands

Wattleseeds are my iron chefesque ingredient of late. I’m constantly thinking about ways to incorporate it into my breakfast, lunche, dinner and baking. I fully intend to make an extensive blog post about these lovely seeds, but for now my work hours are getting crazy and I don’t usually feel motivated between the hours of … Continue reading

Banana bread with a sugar-crumb topping

I had 5 medium-sized bananas that were leaving a less than desired aroma in my dorm room, and the best way to use them up is surely banana bread. In reality, the end product was more of a cake, but if you call it banana bread then its guilt-free – right? I used a double … Continue reading

Lime Bars

So I’m back, somewhat. My laptop is getting fixed as we speak. I, ahem, found my camera on monday in a really obvious place, weeks after I was convinced it had been stolen (I probably should clean my dorm room more frequently – yeah?). Mention of my PhD is best left in that corner of … Continue reading

Baci cookie dough centred hazelnut cupcakes

Several months ago, in a post punk kitchen thread barely acknowledged, an idea was suggested about putting frozen cookie dough balls into cupcake batter and as the cupcake bakes, the cookie dough thaws creating a soft cookie dough filled cupcake. It was an intriguing enough idea and so I made these: White choc macadamia cookie … Continue reading

Agave Nectar Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting

I’m not sure about outside the vegan blogosphere, but it appears that everyone blogs about similar things at the same time. Maybe it’s similar to PMSing together, I’m not sure. However, we really can’t rule out mind control by those more prominent members of the community. Probably no topic has been more extensively explored than … Continue reading

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

If there was one cookie recipe that universally pleases, it would be this one. Adapted from Dreena Burton’s famous homestyle choc chip cookie recipe by Nicole Weston (recipe found here). I have made these supremely tasty cookies time and time again and usually substitute the maple syrup for agave nectar, which gives them a slightly … Continue reading