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Cherry and nectarine tartlettes

Ok, well, it is technically the early end of the nectarine season but I’m such lover of all things summer that I start as early as possible. It may have its origins in my obsession with the movie Grease at the age of 3 where I’d frequently be dancing around to Summer lovin’. Or it may just be the comparatively cold winters in my Canberra days that make me savour summer when it is here. Whatever the reasons, I’m a big fan of summer fruit and devour it as soon as its available, even if it is not yet the sweetest of offerings.

Although this was really tasty, it needs optimisation, particularly the base which just wasn’t sweet enough or thin enough to really be considered great. Either way, summer is almost upon us and I’ll have plenty of opportunity to get this right!



One thought on “Cherry and nectarine tartlettes

  1. I had an obsession with Grease from an early age too and these tartlettes look gorgeous, I am a big, big fan of nectarines.

    Posted by Mandee | November 23, 2011, 12:18 am

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