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Coconut and kaffir lime leaf panna cotta tart

My friend is a panna cotta queen. I think it got to the point where she was going through uber pricey vanilla paste insanely quickly because of the multitude of requests she would get from people to make vanilla bean panna cotta. Of course, the classic recipes for this dessert are not vegan. Not even vegetarian, in fact, unless you’ve got some amazing cook willing to use agar-agar or the like.

So when I stumbled onto a recipe for soy milk panna cotta from ‘Great chefs cook vegan’ I added it to the list to try as I really hate missing out on food-related fun. I must say, it is a seriously easy recipe to follow, although my first attempt was too stiffly set by the agar-agar. Chefs (usually male, I admit) on cooking shows always seem to mention they need to wobble like natural boobs. My first attempt was more akin to a boob job kind of wobble. I have long wanted to tart-up the panna cotta, but when I made these little cuties I’d forgotten to reduce the amount of agar-agar so these were definitely still too stiff, but tasted really fresh and summery, which is so perfect as we head toward the lovely hot weather.

I’ll post a recipe once its tweaked a little more!



4 thoughts on “Coconut and kaffir lime leaf panna cotta tart

  1. Looks delicious gorgeous girl. I tried to link to your site when I referred to you but I failed. Will attempt again soon though. You and your fabulous food always serves as a constant reminder I got to cook (and post about it) more.
    It’s back to good ol’ cold weather here but yay for refreshing tart in the heat for you.

    Posted by Shopchop | October 25, 2011, 8:10 am
  2. Looks great, welcome back to blogging too!

    Posted by K | October 25, 2011, 9:03 am

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